About Tachikara
About Tachikara

TACHIKARA®, (tah·chee·kar·ah) a world leader in advanced manufacturing methods and innovative materials for athletic balls, was established in 1915 and incorporated in 1920. The company’s name is derived from one Tachikara-Ono-Mikoto, better known as the "God of Power" in Japanese mythology.

In 1952, Tachikara revolutionized the sporting goods industry with new technology to produce a seamless ball. It was in this era that Tachikara endeavored to set itself apart from the status quo of asymmetrical hand-stitched balls being produced by others in that period to pioneer their proprietary Single Unit Construction method for manufacturing of athletic balls to improve the spherical shape, air retention, rebound, and overall durability. Beginning inside and working outward, the SUC® method combines an internal bladder, reinforcement materials, and outer cover into a single unit. This type of ball is now commonly referred to as either “molded” or “laminated.”

In the years to follow, Tachikara’s relentless pursuit to perfect a symmetrical and responsive ball through testing and research further positioned the company as a true leader in advanced designs and technology while elevating the brand to a respected and empowered position within the industry.

Tachikara's ingenuity eventually led to the development of its patented Loose Bladder Construction method. Exclusive to Tachikara, this now famous method is currently used in the manufacturing of our top performance volleyballs. In short, the LBC® method allows for a layer of air to circulate between the inside bladder and the special blend cotton canvas / leather outside cover. The result is a precision balanced ball that affords truer flight and a superior soft touch. Our seamless LBC® volleyball was introduced in competition at the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo. The unique feel and consistent performance of the Tachikara volleyball made such a positive impression on the men’s and women's teams competing that several international volleyball associations encouraged the company to begin exploring exportation of its products for resale to volleyball enthusiasts in countries around the world.

Never satisfied, the company proudly introduced another innovation in 2003 that is referred to as the Dual Bladder Construction method. Appropriately named, our flagship volleyballs intended for the highest levels of competition are now manufactured with two internal and independent bladders. Our DBC™ method adds an internal bladder in the manufacturing process to serve as separate membrane to encompass the main bladder with an impact reducing layer of air circulating between the two. The result is a ball that is twice as durable and responsive with improved control and flight.

Also, be sure to check out our latest innovation in tactile materials. Sensi-Tec® was developed by Tachikara and introduced in 2003 also. We elongated, strengthened and added tackiness to the increasingly popular man-made composite fibers created to simulate natural materials through a scientific extraction process. We know how you feel, and think we have achieved the next best thing to leather. A touch you will have to play with to believe.

For many years, Tachikara has enjoyed finding its way into the hands of the world’s top athletes. We are committed to staying at the cutting-edge of design, manufacturing, materials and supply of innovative and quality products with unparalleled values always with avid players in mind. We’ve got the ball. You bring the game!