Code of Conduct and Social Responsibility


At Tachikara U.S.A., Inc., our shared company vision is to conduct all of our business activities with integrity, accountability and honesty. We are fully committed to the goal of operating all of our facilities in a legal, ethical, and responsible manner.  To achieve this vision, we have established comprehensive corporate policies and practices concerning our conduct.  These procedures ensure that Tachikara continues to act in a socially responsible manner and provide a safe work environment for all employees.


Equality of Employment/Discrimination

Tachikara will ensure that employees are treated fairly and with dignity and consideration for their goals and aspirations and that diversity in the workplace is embraced.  Tachikara is committed to a policy of equal opportunity for all employees, regardless of age, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, gender identity or expression, genetic information, status as a registered domestic partner, or status as a Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan veteran or special disabled veteran in accordance with applicable state and federal laws. Tachikara is committed to comply with all applicable state and federal laws providing for nondiscrimination in employment.



Tachikara is committed to equal treatment including maintaining a workplace free from sexual, racial, ethnic, religious or other forms of illegal harassment. In keeping with this commitment, we will not tolerate illegal harassment of our employees by anyone, including any supervisor, co-worker, visitor, vendor, client or customer.





Tachikara is committed to protecting the health and safety of all individuals affected by our activities, including our employees, contactors, and the public.  Tachikara is committed to providing a workplace that is free from acts of violence or threats of violence. In keeping with this commitment, we expressly prohibit any employee from threatening or committing any act of violence in the workplace, while on duty, while on Tachikara-related business, or while operating any vehicle or equipment owned or leased by Tachikara.  This policy also applies to any vendors, suppliers and customers.


Conflicts of Interest

Tachikara is committed to avoiding the exchange of lavish or excessive gifts that may give the appearance of undue influence with or between customers and suppliers.


Employee Relations

It is our goal to pay employees a fair wage or salary. All employees will be treated in accordance with all applicable state and federal laws pertaining to employee compensation, leave and benefits. In addition, we use our best efforts to provida safe and sanitary workplace, free from hazardous or unsafe conditions.


Business Ethics and Fiscal Accountability

Tachikara is committed to maintaining high standards of integrity and corporate governance practices in order to maintain excellence in its daily operations, and to promote confidence in our governance systems.  The Company maintains accurate and timely financial records in accordance with the law and United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). This accountability requires that our assets are properlymaintained and reported.


Protection of Information

Tachikara recognizes the importance of protecting all of our human, financial, physical, informational, social, environmental, and reputational assets.  Accordingly we strive to safeguard all non-public information in accordance with all state and federal requirements.




Human Rights

Tachikara understands that governments have the primary responsibility to protect and promote human rights.  Accordingly, Tachikara will work with agencies and governments to support and respect human rights.  Tachikara will always strive to build trust, deliver mutual advantage and demonstrate respect for human dignity and rights in all relationships it enters into, including respect for cultures, customs and values of individuals and groups.  


Environmental Protection

Tachikara is committed to conducting business operations in a manner that protects the environment.  We strive to comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.